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Herbicide treatment is an important part of our weed control for all properties. This may be in the form of a direct response to the prevalence of weeds on broadacre properties or blocks, or in the way of grounds maintenance teams applying herbicide to regular jobs as required.

Weeds of National Significance (WoNS)

Weeds of National Significance are weeds identified by the Department of Agriculture as invasive and detrimental to our environment and economy. Australian landowners have to manage any WoNS weeds that appear on their property.

More information on WoNS can be found here.

In the south-west, some examples of WoNS weeds you are likely to come across are castor oil, cottonwood, Arum lily, apple-of-sodom and one-leaf Cape tulip. Landowners are legally obliged to manage the prevalence of these weeds.

That’s where we come in. We fight the battle against Weeds of National Significance daily, so we are practiced in identifying and treating these invasive species. We achieve this through the application of selective herbicide treatments that target the weed without compromising the natural environment. 

For broadacre application, we are fully equipped to handle properties of any size. See our full list of equipment in Broadacre Herbicide Treatments – Firebreaks. All of our grounds maintenance teams are equipped with backpack sprayers in the case that any Weeds of National Significance are present.   

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