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When it comes to irrigation installation and design, efficiency and reliability are essential. Our designs are well thought out to reduce the potential impact of wind, runoff and evaporation. This includes consideration of soil type and what vegetation the client either has or intends to introduce. 

Our installations range from small residential spaces to vast commercial properties, as well as broadacre and agricultural irrigation.

Some things that need to be considered to create effective reticulation systems are water pressure at the source and the size and landscape of the property. To maximise the effectiveness of the system the following factors need to be tailored:

  • The number and size of stations
  • Sprinkler and nozzle type
  • Pipe size and type
  • Controller type

The type of emitters is determined by the landscape. For instance, a station of only plants could benefit from a drip system that delivers water directly to the base of plants. A lawn might, however, benefit more from pop-ups or gear drives that will spread water evenly.

Controllers and wiring are installed effectively to ensure the smooth and easy operation of the system. Upon completion, our irrigation contractors will guide the client through controller operation and advise on efficient programming.

For a quote on a reticulation install, please contact our office at (08) 9367 1004 or share your query on our Contact Us page. 

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