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Time for Weed Treatments and Mulching

Ground Maintenance Perth


Our staff are trained and competent to handle all tools and machinery necessary for grounds maintenance. Programmed maintenance ensures machines are kept sharp, functional and, most importantly, safe.

Lawn mowing

  • Precision cylinder mowing
  • Rotary
  • Broadacre rotary ‘ride-on’ mowing
  • Broadacre cylinder mowing
  • Whipping
  • Edging

Hedging and Pruning

  • Extendable hedgers, chainsaws and loppers, as well as raised platforms provide access to all hedge and tree sizes and shapes
  • We are mindful of seasonal restrictions for cutting
  • Plant regrowth tendencies are considered before pruning


  • Overgrown properties are tidied with rotary mowers, whippers and chainsaws before we utilize precision tools such as hedgers, secateurs, rakes and blowers
  • We will take all the refuse away!

Fire Breaks

  • Fire breaks are treated with herbicide before being rotary mowed
  • Any overhanging vegetation and branches are also removed

Tree Pruning and Lopping

  • Trees of all sizes can be accessed by licenced climbers, Elevated Work Platforms (EWP’s) and extendable chainsaws.
  • We also offer stump grinding
  • All refuse will be neatly removed

Gutter Cleaning

  • EWP’s, harnesses, ladders and blowers are safely used to clean out gutters


  • We offer mulching every one or two years to maintain soil moisture and protect against frosts
  • Mulches vary in quality, suitability and aesthetic. We can recommend and provide options on request

Plantech Gardening and Landscaping Services

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