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Welcome to Plantech

Plantech was originally formed in 1995. Phil took over the business on the 1st of May 2008 and has driven continued growth with a dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

The majority of work performed by Plantech is grounds maintenance on commercial properties. Although grounds maintenance makes up most of our operation, we offer committed and customized services in landscaping and reticulation repair and installation. Our clients include aged care facilities, hospitals, shopping centres, industrial sites, warehouses, CBD offices (internal and external), commercial sites, residential properties, strata complexes and local authorities. We are committed to the reliability and quality of our service which is evidenced in the regularity and longevity of much of our work.



Plantech Grounds

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance is the primary function of Plantech and forms most of our work. We are very experienced and capable in the performance of such tasks as lawn mowing, hedging and pruning, weeding, fire breaks and clean ups.

Plantech Landscaping Example


Creating something from scratch or improving on a current garden, we work with the primary objective of producing visually appealing, healthy and practical landscapes. We carry out landscape services at the industrial, commercial and residential level.

Plantech Reticulation


As a certified Waterwise company, we offer reticulation diagnostics, repairs and installations that ensure efficient and effective use of your water. Not only are our specialists qualified, they have years of field experience.

Plantech Pesticides


We offer comprehensive Pesticide treatments including Insecticides, Selective Herbicides, Contact, Systemic Herbicides and Pre-emergent Herbicides. Our staff are licenced, qualified and experienced at the industrial, commercial and residential level.

A Sample of Our Clients

Plantech Gardening and Landscaping Services

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