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Our garden maintenance service incorporates a variety of tasks, all aimed at producing beautiful grounds. Our gardening contractors collaborate with the client to create and maintain effective and appealing gardens. Garden services include hedging, pruning, weeding, soil care and refurbishing, garden fertilising, mulching, reticulation installation and repair.

Hedging, Pruning and Weeding

Whilst visuals are important, hedging and pruning can be important in maintaining a safe environment, particularly when it comes to commercial grounds maintenance. We recognise the need to keep pathways, exits and fence lines clear to prevent accidents and to aid in fire mitigation. Once, that is achieved, our gardeners will endeavour to make gardens as visually appealing as possible. We also deliver seasonal pruning which allows us to manipulate the shapes of trees without compromising the health of the plant.

We are well practiced in finely shaping hedges in a way that suits the space and gives a property and manicured feel. 


Seasonal garden fertilising is vital to ensure your garden thrives through the summer heat and winter chills and is offered as part of our garden maintenance service.

Pest and Diseases

We are experienced and knowledgeable is identifying and treating pests and diseases in plants and lawn. Treatment can be in the form of physical removal of limbs to prevent the spread of disease, or the application of appropriate chemical. See more on the topic in our Plant and Garden Treatments section, under Spraying.


It is vital that garden irrigation is tailored appropriately. Our certified Waterwise reticulation technician works to maximise the efficiency your retic. We aim to reduce water wasted through pitfalls like over spray, over watering and runoff. Regular reticulation maintenance, assessment and programming plays a huge role in ensuring the health of any garden, particularly through the dry Perth summer. Read more about it under the Irrigation tab. 

Soft Scaping Tasks

As part of our garden maintenance service, we also provide garden mulching, soil conditioning and weed matting. These can be achieved on any scale. Please see the full extent on our Soft landscaping and garden upgrades page.

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