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A critical component of our grounds maintenance service is to ensure lawns and gardens are receiving sufficient water. The long dry stretches we experience in the Perth region pose a threat to any plants and lawns that aren’t built to stand the climate. Irrigation is, hence, widespread in Perth and is vital to the livelihood of almost any garden.

Plantech is a member of Irrigation Australia and our reticulation technician is trained as a Certified Waterwise Garden Irrigator. This means, our services are aligned with the latest advice on best practice reticulation for efficiency and sustainability. Please click on our Waterwise Accreditation link for further information. 


Spotting and reporting faults in reticulation early can be the difference between green and brown. When it comes to grounds maintenance, this is achieved in several ways. Firstly, the landowner or client may report a break that they have observed. Some examples of this might be excessive visible water, lack of water or a change in appearance of vegetation. In this case, we strongly advise that the break is reported to us, and we can attend the site to assess.

We cannot rely entirely on clients to notice problems in reticulation. As part of our regular grounds maintenance service, our gardeners will test reticulation at every visit throughout the summer months. This allows breaks to be discovered and attended to without drastic loss of water or prolonged dryness.

Please see the Diagnostics/System Audits tab for more information. 


Breaks are repaired by either our grounds maintenance staff or reported to our certified Waterwise retic technician for repair. Our grounds maintenance trucks are all fitted with tools and parts to perform basic repairs. If they are unable to complete the repair, the break is flagged and a reticulation technician will attend promptly.

Our grounds maintenance staff will perform duties such as unblocking nozzles to maximise coverage. More significant breaks are reported.

The types of repairs necessary include sprinkler repair, pipe breaks, controller malfunction, wiring breaks and solenoid malfunction.

As our reticulation technician is a certified waterwise garden irrigator, any excessive leaks suffered at a property may be eligible for a ‘leak allowance’ – which is issued by the Water Corporation.

For further information please click on our Irrigation Repair link. 


Where it becomes evident that reticulation needs to be installed or improved upon, our reticulation technician will approach clients to recommend strategies and designs for doing so. We are experienced in installing reticulation to suit the needs of the garden/vegetation in place.

We install drip systems such as Netafim for delivering water directly to the plant, as well as pop-ups and gear drives, more commonly utilised for lawns. We can install systems brand-new, or stations can be added to existing systems where coverage is inadequate. There is more on our installation service in the Installation and Design

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