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Removal of all vegetation is done by means of slashing, ripping, rotary hoeing and manual pruning. Large sites and firebreaks are slashed, before ripping, rotary hoeing and manual pruning are employed depending on the state of the soil and vegetation that remains. To prevent regrowth, we then apply herbicide. More on that in Herbicide


Slashing is the process by which overgrown grass and vegetation is cut down to the ground. It is often employed where grass has become long and thick and presents a fire hazard. Grass height is governed by council regulations, so it is important that a slasher be introduced to avoid fines. As practice, we slash any open fields, paddocks and firebreaks first, before engaging in ripping and hoeing, where necessary.

Rotary Hoe

Once a firebreak has been slashed, we will utilise our rotary hoe or ripper to remove, or uproot, the remaining material. If the soil is sandy, this process can be completed with the rotary hoe.


For firebreaks with stubborn, rocky soil, that the rotary hoe is unable to traverse, we use a 5-tine ripper, pulled by a John Deere tractor, to remove remaining vegetation.


Pruning is necessary along firebreaks for any overhanging branches or trees. We are fully equipped with chainsaws and machinery to carry out any firebreak pruning necessary.


We are fully equipped for all block clearing and firebreak needs. Our John Deere tractor does much of the heavy lifting. We can attach the following equipment to the tractor:

  • a 4-foot, 3-point linkage slasher for large scale slashing
  • a 5-tine ripper for ripping up hard or rocky soils
  • a rotary hoe, which handles sandier soils.

We also have a flail mower that attaches to the back of our quadbike. This will mince up vegetation that is too stubborn for the slasher. All our firebreak teams carry a selection of whipper snippers.

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