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There’s nothing quite like a freshly mown, healthy patch. At Plantech, we pride ourselves on delivering wonderfully appealing lawns. We tailor our approach to any given property, in conversation with the client, to optimise aesthetic and practicality.


Our commercial lawn mowing service is provided with professionalism and attention to detail. Commercial mowing is all about ensuring grounds are practical for business and pleasant for both employees and customers. Our mowing contractors work towards these goals based on the advice and specific needs of the client. We have the experience and equipment to undertake everything from small feature lawns to large broadacre mowing jobs. Lawns are always finished with an edge, whip and blow. For finer lawns, we apply a reel (or cylinder) mower, which cuts lawn to length precisely and provides a manicured aspect. From there, down to rough broadacre properties, we have a mower for every job. These include rotary mowers, ride-on mowers and manual push mowers.

Fertiliser and Wetter Soil

Our staff are trained and educated in lawn fertilising. Fertilising is an important element of maintaining a healthy lawn and is offered to all clients seasonally and when necessary. We also apply wetter soil seasonally and where necessary. Wetter soil is an agent that improves a lawn’s ability for water retention.

Aerating, Vertimowing and Top Dressing

Aerating and coring opens up the soil profile to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the root zone. Vertimowing removes the “thatch” layer (layer of organic debris) of lawn to optimise airflow and prevent rot. We are experienced and equipped to perform these tasks where turf repairs are necessary.

Top dressing can also help to break down thatch and help to improve the health of a struggling lawn. 


Where a lawn has been invaded by weeds, pests or disease, our spraying contractors apply herbicide treatments or pesticides to resolve the problem. Our licenced herbicide technicians are trained in weed and pest control and know what chemical to use and when, and always do so with safety as a priority. We have spraying equipment for lawns of all shapes and sizes and undertake everything from spot spraying to broadacre weed treatments. Please see the Turf Weed Treatments tab for more. 


Efficient and effective irrigation is crucial for any lawn to thrive. We offer all manner of reticulation services to suit your needs. Plantech is a member of Irrigation Australia and we have certified waterwise retic technicians on staff. So, you can be sure our reticulation service is provided conscientiously and according to standard. Please see the Irrigation tab for more information. 

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