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Irrigation repair is generally necessary where a system has sprung a leak. This comes in the form of pipe and sprinkler repair. Our irrigation contractors are prompt in responding to leaks to limit water waste and excessive usage.

Our certified waterwise retic technicians are experienced in working with all varieties of reticulation, including dripline such as Netafim. Each brand of product differs slightly when it comes to repair and installation. Some examples of products we are familiar with are Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro.

We provide repairs that last and remove the need for re-attendance.

Electrical Issues

There can also be faults with controllers, wiring and solenoids. Our Certified Waterwise retic technicians are experienced in responding to occasions where systems refuse to turn on, are stuck on or where certain stations are at fault. These problems can result in uneven watering, over watering and wastage.

If the controller is at fault, it may need to be repaired or replaced. If a replacement is necessary, we can offer suitable controller options depending on the client’s budget.

Where a station is refusing to turn on, there may be a wire break. If we diagnose a wire break, the wire will need to be repaired to ensure current is reaching the solenoid. Ideally, this will return the solenoid, and the station, to functionality. Wire repairs are completed safely, and joins are waterproofed to prevent rust and further malfunction.

We are experienced and trained in diagnosing and repairing faults in 2-wire reticulation systems as well as programming decoders. 

Bores and Pumps

Our reticulation services extend to servicing and, if necessary, replacing both submersible and centrifugal pumps. This can be necessary where a pump is not turning on, it is turning on but no water is coming out or pressure is low, among other things. Our irrigation contractors are experienced in installing and repairing pumps to return a system to full operational power.

Iron and Calcium Build-up

Systems that run off a bore have the potential to incur a build-up of iron or calcium, which can cause sprinklers to malfunction and stations to lose pressure.

Where there is iron build-up, the bore line must be flushed with a product such as ‘Clearbore’. Products such as this dissolve build-up and allow the bore to function optimally. This protects sprinklers and encourages effective watering.

Calcium build-up may require the intervention of a filtration, or water softening, system off the bore. We can also introduce flush points in the system to remove residual calcium.

Our reticulation repair service aims to optimise operation and performance of irrigation systems. Services are undertaken safely, in conjunction with the vision of the client and always in a prompt and reliable manner.  

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