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Our residential and commercial block clearing service is necessary where blocks have become overgrown and thick with grass and other vegetation. This will initially consist of slashing, followed by whipper snipping / brush cutting the perimeter and hard stands. We also perform any pruning of overgrown trees. We remove and dispose of all garden refuse and hard rubbish. After everything has been cut and removed, we apply herbicide to reduce regrowth.

Where required, firebreaks are cleared and sprayed. For more detail on our firebreak services, see Slashing; ripping; rotary hoeing.

Fire Mitigation

The primary function of block clearing is to reduce fire risk by reducing fuel. Fire hazard reduction is governed by the Bush Fires Act 1954 (WA) and enforced by local councils and shires. The specific requirements vary between regions, so it is important to be aware of your council’s requirements. Broadly, there are stipulations on grass height and fence lines, as well cut off dates for having your property prepared. We have years of experience in meeting these requirements and satisfying the legislation. We offer peace of mind in fire prevention and preparation. For more information, see Fire Mitigation.


Block clearing may also be undertaken to make a property more visually appealing. A client may desire this if they have recently begun occupancy of a property or are preparing it for sale. Where property development is planned, there may be requirements to have a block cleared.


Herbicide treatment is standard for residential block clearing. It is applied after our slashing service and is done so to reduce regrowth. For larger sites and firebreaks, herbicide is offered, and we provide advice depending on the nature of the block and the vision of the client.

Areas of Work

We clear everything from small suburban blocks to large rural properties. This includes the extended Perth Metropolitan area as well as the Rockingham and Mandurah region.


We have a variety types and sizes of slashers to meet the needs of any property. We are equipped with whipper snippers for those places the slasher cannot reach and all measure of chainsaws and saws for trees and thicker vegetation.

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