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Soft landscaping includes garden services that go beyond the scope of just mere maintenance. To upgrade a garden means to make it more visually appealing, healthier, more practical and more waterwise. The services that our landscape gardeners perform to improve your garden are as follows:


New plants and vegetation can breathe life into a tired garden. But there is more to planting than digging a hole and dropping it in, green side up. It is important to understand a variety of factors that determine a garden’s prosperity. We consider factors such as season, sunlight, space and water when determining when, where and what to plant. This knowledge, in collaboration with the client’s vision, goes towards building a healthy garden.

Soil and Mulch

Good soil is a crucial building block to a thriving garden. We offer to improve and introduce soil to give plants the best chance at a healthy life.

Our landscape gardeners love the satisfaction of a freshly mulched garden. It can instantly elevate the look of a garden and bring a real sharpness. However, there is more to garden mulching than dumping wheelbarrows. Mulch type is dependent on what plants are in place and environmental factors. Mulch can serve a garden by helping to retain water and providing much needed nutrients to plants. It also keeps the weeds down. 


We offer turf installations, renovations and repairs that are built to last. Turf type is tailored to each property to ensure the patch receives enough water and sunlight to thrive. These include buffalo (Sir Walter and Palmetto), Empire Zoysia, kikyu and couch.

Steel Edging

Steel edging (eg. Corten Steel Edging) is utilised to separate sections of grounds ie. A lawn from a garden. It is often employed to prevent lawn creeping into garden. The affect is visually appealing, and it makes for ease of maintenance. Our gardening contractors are experienced in installing steel edging on small and large scale properties.

Waterwise Focus

Conscientious water usage is a primary focus at Plantech and all planting, garden mulching and turf installations are performed with that in mind. Where possible, we want to introduce plants that are suited to the climate and have capacity to survive long periods without water, once established. Native plants are, for obvious reasons, a preferred choice for many of our garden upgrades.

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