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Our irrigation contractors are well practiced in finding the cause of a reticulation system’s malfunction. This means problems are identified early and we can approach the client with options for repair.

A client may identify a leak or dead patch on their own property. In this case, it is advised that you call us immediately and our certified Waterwise retic technician can attend and either resolve the issue or advise of appropriate ways to proceed.

Our gardening teams routinely check the reticulation of sites and report any issues (ones which they cannot resolve on site) to the retic tech. This allows us to catch problems early and reduce the event of plants and lawns dying or potential excessive water usage.

We also offer seasonal sprinkler servicing to prepare for summer and prevent unwanted surprises.

One such surprise can be the build-up of iron bacteria or calcium. This can jeopardise a retic system. Our reticulation technician is practiced in noticing build-up. For information on treatments we offer, please see the Repair tab. 


Where there is an electrical issue affecting the system, there may be faulty wiring. We are equipped with wire tracking equipment that allows us to locate wire paths and breaks. This removes the need for excessive excavation. It also helps to locate solenoids which is useful when the diaphragm becomes stuck open or closed.

This approach works for traditionally wired systems. 2-wire systems, however, are slightly different and present their own complexities. As a company that operates primary in the commercial realm, we are experienced in diagnosing faults on properties that employ 2-wire systems. This includes troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning decoder set-ups at solenoid locations.

Good diagnostics are key to efficient retic repairs. If you have noticed that your reticulation is not operating optimally or at all, we are here to help.

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