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If your property has been left in a state of neglect, our garden clean up service can help to return it to its former glory. Overgrown grounds are not only unsightly, but often unsafe. Our landscape gardeners provide a range of services aimed at optimising safety, functionality and aesthetic. The point of our garden clean up service is to get grounds to a state in which they can be easily maintained.

Trees and Hedges

Trees that are overgrown, ugly or invasive should be cut back or removed. We have all the necessary experience and equipment for any of your tree needs. This includes uplifting low hanging branches, removal of excess growth, shaping and stump removal. Hedges are shaped to be unobtrusive and visually pleasing.


Removal of weeds is usually a major part of any property clean-up. This will always involve assessing whether it is necessary to spray herbicide in advance of the garden clean up. This can make for easier removal and limit weed regrowth. For more information about our herbicide treatments, see Spraying.

Green Waste Removal

Part of our clean-up service is taking it all away. Anything that we cut or that is currently stockpiled will be removed from the property and disposed of appropriately.

Broadacre Slashing

We have a broad selection of slasher mowers to meet the needs of any overgrown areas. Our slashing service is intended to restore unkempt areas to something maintainable and safe. For further information please click on our Slashing page.

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