Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is an important exercise for all landowners but is particularly critical for larger properties located in high fire risk areas. This risk only increases with rising temperatures, so it is important to prepare appropriately for Summer.

All property owners are required, by the Bush Fires Act 1954, to restrict the potential for fire. For everyone, this means keeping lawn cut to, generally, below 50mm and removing any combustible material such as twigs and sticks. For this, we recommend general maintenance via gardening and lawn mowing services.

A firebreak is, generally, a clearway that is 3 metres wide and 4 metres high adjacent to the perimeter of the property. Its purpose is primarily to prevent the spread of fire but also to provide a path for fire emergency services. It is required to be in place by November 1st and maintained until April 30th.

Larger properties are required, over Summer, to have a trafficable firebreak around the property boundary. The property size that will require a firebreak varies between councils. For instance, the City of South Perth implicates all properties of an area greater than 2000m2 to abide by this requirement. It is, hence, important to check your local requirements online before proceeding. Many local council websites also have facilities for finding out your property size if you are unsure.

Firebreak services will include pruning back trees, removing dead branches, mowing any grass or weeds and spraying herbicide. We also offer block clearances as part of our fire prevention services. This is generally applicable to vacant blocks of land and works to maintain the requirement of a 50mm grass height over the Summer months. We strongly recommend you have your firebreak or block serviced before November 1 as inspections occur from this date and significant fines apply for non-cooperation.

The areas we predominantly service for fire prevention are as follows:










Don’t Wait, Reticulate

It is not too late to get your reticulation up and going but time is running out. With less and less rainfall the consequences for not having an operational retic system can be severe.

There are a few things that can be done to prevent this. If there is no reticulation at your property, you may need to have some installed. Our Certified Irrigation Installer specialises in reticulation installation and can install retic whether garden exists, or landscaping is yet to be completed.

If you have not yet turned your retic on, we recommend doing so. Most reticulation systems need an initial check to prevent reticulation running when there are significant leaks. If you notice any breaks or just want to ensure your system runs effectively, our Certified (and Waterwise) Irrigation Installer can examine your system and perform any reticulation repairs.

Lastly, if your reticulation is up and running, it is important to consider the seasonal adjustment settings. Watercorp recommend that your system be running at 60% in October. This jumps up to 80% in November which is worth keeping in mind    .

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

The list of benefits of mulching is extensive. From controlling pests and weeds, to moisture retention, to aesthetic appeal, mulch is an important component of any healthy garden.

Laying mulch at this time of year is a good way to lock the moisture from the wetter months in the soil before the heat can dry it out.

We offer mulching on any scale. Our landscape gardeners are itching to break a sweat behind a barrow to improve the health and appeal of your garden.

A Broader Landscape

Plantech is renowned for its competency and experience in grounds maintenance. We have mowed quality lawns and serviced countless gardens across Perth for the past 10 years and beyond. We are now moving further into the realm of landscaping.

Though we have done some landscaping work, we are keen to make it more of a focus. We now have a qualified landscaper on board, a paver in training and a certified reticulation installer. This, coupled with the vast practical experience of the rest of the team, makes us adept at handling any landscaping task.

The landscaping services we offer include hardscaping (paving, decking, feature and retaining walls) and softscaping (garden ben installs, planting, turf laying, green walls). We can renovate an existing landscape or work on a blank canvas. Our services also include clearing areas to make way for a more appealing landscape.