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When you have a reticulation system in your garden, most likely you will need to maintain the bore system and you will also need bore repairs from time to time. You will need bore flush, iron removal services and different pump replacements or repairs. All these services are offered by Plantech at very high quality. We have high qualified experts that will take care of all these issues you might run across.

If you used our services to install your reticulation services you might need even less maintenance to begin with. Our team makes sure that you have great products for your garden to last you for a long time with minimum maintenance. But even if your system is old and you need bore repairs, you can count on us at all times. We offer you great services to replace your bore system, repair it or maintain it in all its needs. There are many factors that could damage your tubes such as rust or poor water or weather conditions. The place where your tubes are installed is also very important. You can install them in different places of your garden and if you are not sure where these places are it is also important to take the advise of experts.

This is why it is important to choose high quality bore system to begin with so you can count on their long lifespan and not need to invest a lot in them over time. Plantech will offer you the best products to make sure your water is just perfect for your garden. If you need your tubes moved in a better area of your garden, our technicians can do that as well. We will evaluate your garden and green space and make sure that your bore system is placed just when it needs to be. If you need to repair it, we will do that on the spot and with a very friendly cost so you don’t have to break your budget for taking care of this issue. Count on us at any time and we will not disappoint you.


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