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Bore installs are crucial for the way your reticulation system functions and how efficient it is. This is why it is important to have them installed the right way from the beginning. This will save you from investing time in maintenance and spending more money than you have to. In order to get this done professionally, you should always work with the best experts on the market. At Plantech we work only with certified technicians that will install your bore system impeccably and in a short period of time.

We install all types of tubes, sprinkles and many other accessories to make sure your plants get the water they need and when they need it! We can install these submersible or underground and we cover a lot of servicing that it might help you tremendously in the process of setting up your reticulation system. Our costs are highly competitive and chances are that you will not find the same high quality services at the same prices anywhere on the market. When it comes to the bore system you simply shouldn’t compromise and you should only invest in high quality products and services.

Your plants will have the amount of water and nutrients that they need and they will keep growing under your eyes with no significant effort. We will take care of the installation needed for the bore system but also the potential repairs that you might need over the years. And you will be thrilled with how easy it will be to keep your garden well irrigated. We will advise you when it comes to the best areas in your green space to install your bore system. When doing so, we take into account the size of your garden but also the types of plants you have in it. All these details as well as the quality of the products are significantly important when you need bore installs. And we know that we shouldn’t neglect it. Your garden will be thriving day after day and you will be able to relax more once we are done installing the bore system. Chances are that you will not need to work on your garden as hard as you might be used to and the results will be a lot better. So contact us as soon as possible and get the bore system installed by one of our experts!


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