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At Plantech, we recognise the importance of having a system of irrigation that runs reliably and efficiently. It is pivotal to the wellbeing of any lawn or garden. We are, hence, committed to installing and repairing systems to ensure they run in a manner which maximises plant intake. We work to limit water usage to only what is required for a healthy and happy garden. Our specialists are Waterwise endorsed which means they are fully trained in water efficient practices and can design, install, repair and maintain your irrigation system.


Sometimes, the hardest task is identifying the problem with your reticulation system. Our certified specialists work, in collaboration with you, to ensure the problem is found as early as possible. From here we can start fixing it at the best rates and with the best products and services that we have.

Whether you have no water, a drop in pressure, sprinklers staying on or problems with your controller our experienced specialists will isolate the issue and clearly communicate the potential cost and time of the repair for your consideration.


As well as answering calls for urgent repairs, we have a streamlined system for noticing and attending to breaks in reticulation systems. Our gardening teams test systems regularly and can either repair the break on the spot or report bigger issues to our specialists. This prevents breaks from going unnoticed for extended periods.

We also respond directly to breaks noticed by tenants and to one off occurrences. We respond swiftly to prevent excess water usage and get your system up and running.


Our reticulation specialists tailor installations to ensure watering is efficient and reliable. This means installations are conducted with consideration of potential for runoff, wind and evaporation. This includes consideration of soil type and what plants or lawn the client either has or intends to plant. We also take into account water pressure and flow in our designs.

In handover, we provide coherent advice for getting the most out of the system. This includes seasonal changes to recommended run times and when the system is required to be turned off.


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