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Plantech offers plenty of services when it comes to garden maintenance and other landscapes aspects. Among these services are aerating and coring. You will not regret by investing in our aerating and coring services and your yard will look perfect by the end of our collaboration. Aerating and coring are not tasks that you should do yourself. They need to be performed by experts in the matter in order to obtain the best results.

You will have to aerate your soil as often as it needs in order to offer the right water and oxygen to your plants. You can aerate your soil by using a coring machine. However, this is an investment that you have to make and you also have to develop the skills for such a task. In the process you might waste plenty of time and money. These things can be avoided by working with the experts at Plantech. We break down the organics in the soil and offer your plants the right amount of water as we perform aerating services. In the process we use the most high quality coring machines as well as other important tools.

Our coring machines will provide strategic holes in your lawn to offer the best developing conditions for your plans. We will come to prepare your lawn for this complex process 24 hours before we actually start working on it. Preparation is a very important aspect when it comes to aerating and coring your soil. For this aspect, we use a high quality Rotary Lawn Mower that will get your ground ready for the next tasks. The lawn should be watered the evening before the coring process takes place. We will instruct you on how to do that or we can do it yourself, as you need us to.

By aerating and coring your lawn you will promote growth of your plants and help your landscape get a perfect shape. You shouldn’t neglect these services as they can make all the difference between a great garden and an average one. We will make sure that your soil is perfect for providing all the nutrients to your plants and grass in your yard. So, you will not have to worry about the benefits your garden gets because they are all of a very high quality when you use the services of Plantech. We will provide all these services as soon as you need us to.


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