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Time for Weed Treatments and Mulching



Mulching is an important part of your gardening process and it many cases it is even the key to a successful garden. Mulching improves not only the life of your plants but also the soil you have in your garden. If you go through this process often enough and you do it right, you can safe time and investment in other processes such as watering your plants. During the summer season, mulching is perfect for conserving water in your soil and during the winter season it keeps your roots healthy and protected. It depends in what area you live at in order to choose the best mulching services for the needs of your garden.

Plantech offers a wide variety of mulching processes that will keep your garden well maintained and your plants healthier for a long time regardless of the weather conditions. When the layer of mulch starts to break down, you will realise that your plants enjoy a plus of important nutrients that they will love for the long run. Not to mention that if you have high quality mulching done on your garden you will not have to deal with unwanted weeds growing wild.

You can use different materials to create a proper mulching process. For instance you can use leaves or straw according to your possibilities. If you work with our experts at Plantech, you will not have to worry about such aspects because we take care of everything. You can save money on different other tasks by doing a proper mulching, not just water. However, you can reduce water consumption by 75% if you do a proper mulching so that is a significant advantage of this process. You will also need less fertilisersand less time spent to take care of your garden by performing this mulching process.

And even if many people decide to take a risk and do the mulching themselves, we strongly recommend you to use the services of an expert. At Plantech we make sure that this process is done at the highest quality and by following the best standards in the industry. And you will fall in love with the results as we make sure your garden looks aesthetically pleasant by the time we are done. All you have to do is contact us and give us the details that are important to know so we can offer you the best mulching services!


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