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Time for Weed Treatments and Mulching



There are many installations that you might need to do in your garden. Some of them are difficult to do by yourself so you need a team of experts like the ones from Plantech. We offer a wide range of installing services from garden beds to turf. . The most popular lawn types we install are buffalo, couch, kikyu, zoysia and many other lawn types. You can use our services to completely change the way your gardens and lawns looks like. We offer a decent price and a very short time frame.

The way your garden looks like is important for the image of your building all together. If you represent an commercial workplace, this landscape should be impeccable as there will be many people coming across it. And it should also be children and pets friendly so everyone is safe while they are enjoying your plants. We move everything around your garden and install whatever you want. From installing gardens, garden furniture to installing lawns, everything is covered by our team of experts at Plantech. Simply call us and make an appointment so we can take care of your needs as soon as possible, your garden will never look the same. If you are not sure what type of installs you need, our specialists will guide you as well. They will teach you how to take care of your garden too so you keep it looking beautiful long term.

We are very inventive as well and thanks to our creativity we can offer you the perfect garden in just a few hours. It is easy to install everything you need in your garden thanks to the special tools we use as well. We only use high quality products and tools and all of our experts are certified and licensed in the type of work that they provide. We will tell you how to arrange your garden in order to make the most out of your space. Once you collaborate with us, you will not need the services of any other company because we have all your garden needs to look impeccable. Call us today and see how we can help you make a more pleasant area for you. In no time, your garden will have all the installations done properly and they will last for a long time. Our rates are unbeatable as well and our services come at the highest standard in the industry. You will be more than satisfied by the time our work is finished!


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