Sprinkler Repairs


Many factors, beyond regular mowing and maintenance, go into making a healthy lawn. These include:


  • Water soluble
  • Granular
  • Liquid
  • Slow release
  • Rapid release

Aerating and Coring

  • This is beneficial for soil that is compact or lacking nutrients as it opens up the soil profile to allow water, oxygen and nutrients directly to the root zone


  • Removes the top “thatch” layer of lawn to allow air flow to prevent rot
  • Reduces water wastage as it prevents the runoff effect and allows the soil to absorb more water
  • Allows the airflow of the soil


  • We tailor watering times to ensure your lawn gets a standard drink (10mm) every water. This can vary depending on the type of sprinkler, soil, as well as the time of year


  • We have all the equipment and knowledge to tailor our service to fit the lawn. We have a range of ride on mowers that are utilised to service broad acre lawns, we have rotary mowers that are used for basic mows and clean ups and we have cylinder mowers. Each of our vehicles is fitted with a cylinder mower as they provide the most manicured and attractive finish. We can also use a manual mower in the case of noise restrictions or where access is limited. All lawns are edged and whipped.


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