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Firebreak Services


Plantech offers expert, cost-effective solutions for Firebreak services, lessening of bushfire threats and the building of protected areas around your property. We have 25 years of experience in Perth and it’s areas and offers free quotes that will tailor the right solution for any size property. We provide block slashing services to manage vegetation fuel loads at any location around Perth, and other areas as requested in accordance with State and Council regulations. We deliver firebreak clearing and maintenance and our clearing firebreaks service we perform land clearing & firebreak maintenance. We can stop bushfires by reducing fuel loads, and clearing firebreaks. Our grass cutting will keep your property looking tidy while preventing major bushfires.

With the use of our high powered loaders and excavators, we are able to shred woody weeds and vegetation to clear firebreaks. We can then increase access to the property meaning that we can drastically reduce ground fuel loads. The intensity and spread of a bushfire is largely influenced by the condition of the vegetation around your property which becomes fuel to a bushfire. It is essential to understand your risk and determine the most effective ways to manage fuel loads to protect your property. We will help you take pre-emptive measures to protect your property against bushfires and improve your property’s chance of survival.

Our herbicide spraying service is popular for clearing and maintaining firebreaks. Our herbicides are sprayed onto areas where other methods of fuel reduction may be complex, such as around buildings, sheds, alongside fence lines and around other fuel sources. Spraying should be conducted after the autumn or at the end of winter to be effective on actively growing plants. Please check for regrowth of sprayed fuel breaks and re-do if necessary with a slasher or spray.

We work with local residents, private contractors, communities, councils and federal & state governments in Perth and surrounding councils.

If you are looking for landscaping and gardening experts in your area then you can rely on us firebreak care.

Here some of our other services we offer:

  • Aerating + coring
  • Bore repairs
  • Bore installs
  • Cylinder mowing
  • Diagnostics of reticulation systems
  • Fertilising lawns
  • Garden clean ups
  • Herbicide spraying
  • Hedging and pruning
  • Insecticide spraying
  • Building renovations
  • Install and fix retaining walls
  • Installation of lawns
  • Installing and maintaining garden beds
  • Installing and maintaining landscapes
  • Mulching garden beds
  • Painting building
  • Pruning trees
  • Re–landscaping
  • Reticulation installs
  • Reticulation repairs
  • Verti-mowing


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