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Retaining walls are not so common but if you need such walls done you should make sure they are done properly. Basically, retaining walls allow you to elevate your space on different levels and keep the soil in a certain shape at the height you want it to be. These walls have to be made of very resistant materials and they have to withstand not only time but also extreme weather conditions. This is also why you will notice such walls being built differently in different weather climates and people choose to use different materials for them for that reason.

You can create a very attractive design to your garden by simply adding some retaining walls strategically and in an aesthetic way. Here is where the specialists at Plantech can help you a lot and take the worries off your shoulders! We build retaining walls of all sizes from small ones to large ones. Also you can count on the quality of our constructions as we use only great materials that will last for a long time. If you want your retaining walls to have a certain design or colour we offer painting services as well and we can suggest certain designs to help you be completely satisfied by the end of our work. We will use our materials as we can count on their quality so you will not have to worry about purchasing anything else besides hiring our specialists. At Plantech we have many years of experience in everything regarding landscaping, constructions as well as renovations.

Maybe you want retaining walls but you are not sure where to place them and how to make the most out of them. If that is the case we can evaluate your space in a creative and objective way and make some valuable suggestions for you. We can recommend you a great area for your retaining walls as well as what type of plants or lawn you should grow within them. Since your walls will retain soil, we can also recommend you the best soil for such a construction. Truth being told such retaining walls can change the way your green space looks completely. They are great if you represent an institution as they tend to offer that professional and elegant look that guests will fall in love with. So, call Plantech Grounds Maintenance today and let’s upgrade your garden together!


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