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Fire Prevention Fire prevention is an important exercise for all landowners but is particularly critical for larger properties located in high fire risk areas. This risk only increases with rising temperatures, so it is important to prepare appropriately for Summer. All property owners are required, by the Bush Fires Act 1954, to restrict the potential

Today Plantech will unpack the different types of soil profiles in the Perth region, How to improve your soil and what watering options are available for your region. Perth is hot and dry, sure, but there are some differences in garden behaviour among the suburbs. One of these differences, that can have a huge bearing

With Spring right around the corner, here are a few tasks that should be on the “To Do List” this season! Reticulation Reticulation is permitted to be turned on as of September 1. Before flicking it on, however, it is important to conduct a detailed audit of your system to prevent leaks that result in

Pruning Roses The ideal time for pruning roses is late July to early August. This encourages new growth to occur when the climate is beginning to warm. This can help to protect against disease. If it is flowers you desire, you need to start by creating the ideal environment for new growth as, on rose