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We are a proud Perth WA establishment our core business is growing and grooming grounds and gardens. We offer a comprehensive service including gardening, turf, reticulation, pruning, herbicide spraying, insecticide spraying, weed control, landscaping work and building maintenance.

Our Services

Plantech Grounds Maintenance


Experts in Gardening, Lawn, Hedging, Pruning, Clean-ups, Landscaping & Tree Lopping.

Plantech Grounds Maintenance Reticulation Retic


Plantech will understand your reticulation needs & design, install and maintain waterwise reticulation solutions.

Plantech Grounds Maintenance Weeds and Pests


We deliver Professional, Licenced and Qualified Herbicide and Insecticide Treatments.

Plantech Grounds Maintenance Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Our team can provide repairs to any damaged buildings, including doors, walls, ceilings, flooring, tilings, pergolas, walls. Just ask us your enquiries.

About Plantech

(est. 1995)

Work performed by Plantech is grounds maintenance, reticulation and building maintenance work on mainly commercial properties. This includes:

  • mowing, edging, whipper snippering;
  • property clean-ups;
  • mulching;
  • garden and turf upgrades;
  • hedging, pruning;
  • reticulation maintenance, servicing and installation;
  • seasonal treatment of weeds;
  • fertiliser programs;
  • soil ameliorant;
  • tree lopping;
  • some cleaning;
  • licenced herbicide and pest management;
  • repairs to hardscaps, windows, doors, walls, roofs, flooring, decking, paving, tiling etc;
  • horticultural consultancy.
  • This is all backed by experienced and qualified staff. 

Our Plantech client base genre:

  • shopping centres;
  • hospitals;
  • strata management companies;
  • local authority faculties;
  • industrial sites;
  • commercial properties (mainly in the CBD);
  • and residential sites.

Most work is long term and is supported by a commitment to regular, reliable, and quality service. 


A strong team philosophy bound by open communication, respect, recognition, and the autonomy to be decisive, creative and innovative helps Plantech to maintain a sound business reputation and ethos. All new recruits are appropriately screened to help maintain standards. We have a mature, well balanced and enthusiastic team which is credited with a great mix of practical and theoretical experience and training. Our list of skills is generous and includes:

  • Horticulture Diploma (x2)
  • Herbicide Technician (x2)
  • Reticulation Technician (x2)
  • Chain Sawing Certificate (x2)
  • Gardeners (12)
  • Business Diploma (x1)
  • Elevating Work Platform (EWP) Ticket (x1)
  • White Cards (x4)
  • Skillsteam Ticket (x1)

Further to the above list, Plantech has a broad network of business relationships that makes completion of more specified work seamless.

Plantech personnel are dedicated, conscientious, and will take ownership of your job to deliver gardens, lawns, landscapes and buildings in a consistently good condition while applying the safety standards as per policy. We work in a considerate and responsible manner that recognises the safety specifics of each job site.


All equipment and tools meet strict internal audit guidelines. The list is expansive and includes:

  • Pesticide Spray Rigs,
  • Utes,
  • Trucks,
  • Trailers,
  • Broad Acre Mowers,
  • compactors,
  • saws,
  • grinders,
  • nail guns,
  • loaders,
  • raised platforms,
  • right down to ear plugs and hard hats.

The emphasis on safety through regular equipment maintenance and replacement, appropriate PPE, SDS reviews, and constant Job Hazard Analysis is ongoing. 


Plantech Company Management Policies, Procedures, and Environmental Health and Safety Policies and Procedures have prequalified and met the standards of business systems compliance company Browze.


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